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First Water Canyon Overlook by TrentLarsonphoto First Water Canyon Overlook by TrentLarsonphoto
I've done a lot of hiking in First Water Canyon, but I realized I've never taken a shot from the top. I went out and hiked down, and then wanted to get a shot from the other side of the canyon. The spot wher you come down from is on the right side of the frame, and let me tell you...this canyon is RUGGED. Once I got up there, I saw this perfect saguaro and I couldn't find any other compostion with it that would show of more of the canyon. I wandered in circles for about 30 minutes looking and I accoplished was a waste of good light. This was taken at the tail end of a rather upsetting sunset, color wise. I wish I knew how to do panorams because it's incredibly beautiful up there. To the left is a perfect view of Canyon Lake (the most beautiful lake in Arizona in my opinion) and the then First Water Canyon goes almost all the way around you. Maybe once I learn how to do it, i'll go back. After sunset I looked behind me and found a trail that took about 5 minutes to get to my car. I really need to look around more instead of wandering....

First Water Canyon - Superstition Mountains, Arizona.
PeterJCoskun Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010
I have wanted to explore this area for a long time, and whenever I get a chance to something else comes up. I like the colors here even if they were more vibrant before this shot. I noticed when I find an amazing scene I take too much time trying to find a nice comp rather than shooting anything and everything. Nonetheless a good shot.
TrentLarsonphoto Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
I think i've done more hiking in this canyon than anywhere else in the Superstitions (Fish Creek Canyon is close). It's a beautiful canyon from the top and bottom, especially when there's water. Thanks as always for the comment.
PeterJCoskun Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
I probably need to do some hiking and get myself in shape. Hopefully will get out somewhere this weekend.
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October 26, 2010
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